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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Stream Two

Well hello everyone. This week has gone by so fast. I have been flat out making plans to go to Sydney to pick up my daughter and my 5 grandchildren to bring them back to South Australia. I have been madly looking for a house for her and the children to rent but so far no luck. I have had a couple of doctors appointments just for regular checkups and prescriptions filling.
I have not forgotten about the notes from the last class and they will be up in the next couple of days. I decided to train my dragon and use it for notes to save my wrists.
This week we will be discussing fabric stamping and free machine embroidery. So now is the time to get out those sewing machines and blow the dust off them. Make sure you have some nice new universal needles and threads. For the fabric some organza, cotton weave, silk etc will be fine. If you do not have these fabrics you could work on canvas or paper as well to follow along.
What I thought we would do is as we work along we can make a technique book out of all the samples that we will produce. Also remember to keep a sketch book for experimental unfinished pieces and a box where you can put pieces that are too small, not finished, you are not happy with them type stuff. Later down the track we will be using this box of things to make a new work of art.
Okay so on with what you will need this week to follow along.

Week 2: Materials

PVA Glue (this is the white glue you get from hardware stores)
Acrylic Paints
Stamping objects - bubble wrap, rubber stamps, onion bags, cookie cutters, foil, sponges, hand carved stamps etc
Foam brushes
Palete knife
Modelling paste
Freezer Paper
Surfaces - Cotton Weave (muslin, broadcloth etc), Silk, Organza (or other sheer fabric), Paper, Canvas etc
The above stamping and surface items are examples only. Use your imagination for stamping objects and do not be scared to grab any other types of fabric to play with.

Of course you can still follow along with no items and gather them at a later date if you just want to come along and watch and have a chat.
So until Thursday 11am (AEST)I will say goodbye and hope to see you all at my Spreecast channel Made with Mojo

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