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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stream Three: Fiber Journal Cover

Hello Everyone!!!!!
So what's on the agenda this week?  Well something a little different from what we have been doing before. In fact as this week  we will be working on a piece that I want to do myself and one that I think you would enjoy making yourself. As I work through this piece if there is anything that you require explaining with regards to materials or the techniques I will stop and explain these questions in more detail along the way.

There are so many projects and techniques that I have seen or read about in the abundance of magazines available on fibre arts and textiles over the years  that it left me somewhat procrastinating over which project I would like to do first. After much deliberation I have decided that for this week's stream we will  make an embellished journal cover. This piece will involve using your sewing machine so prior to starting on the actual project I will do a brief introduction explaining the sewing machine. this will only be to discuss what the basic parts are and what we will be using with regard to needles, feet, threads and other related items.

 Material List

handmade paper or similar in different colour tones
wax crayons
baking paper
sewing machine and needles
a selection of different  threads ( polyester, metallic, rayon)
gold paint and acrylic paints
pointed tools such as an awl or the end of a pencil et cetera
coloured inks
iron and ironing board
paint brushes
iron on interfacing ( 1/2 yard)
iron on interfacing ( the type that has paper on one side)
soldering iron and a heat resistant mat

For Embellishment

assorted yarns and threads
embroidery threads
gold stamp pad
beads and sequence
rubber stamps
water soluble stabiliser
embroidery hoop
assorted sheer fabrics

Well I think that about covers the items that you will be requiring to follow along with this project. Hope to see you will be.

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